this human world offers an interesting program for its young audience including three films and a selection of short films, followed by discussions encouraging debate. In this framework we present OUAGA GIRLS, SAMI BLOOD, THE WAIT and A MATTER OF TRUST. The program is specifically addressed to schools and educational institutions.


The screenings take place at 9 AM at Top Kino (Rahlgasse 1, 1060 Vienna).


Tickets/students: 5,00 Euro - teachers are free of charge.

The short film programme is free for students and teachers.


Matter of Trust

01.12. 09:00 | Short film programme with english subtitles

No matter your age, whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult, trust is a pretty tricky thing. Trust cannot be acquired or even learned. Rather, trust needs to be constantly fostered, as the films in this programme show. How fragile is trust? When do I have to protect my fellow human beings? Which parent should I come out to first? And how do I help my friend to overcome his depression? We accompany the protagonists on a search for answers and are continually surprised by their creative solutions in the process. (KL, CL)

5 secundos
4 min | Spain | 2015 | Director: David González Rudiez

Il Silenzio
14 min | Frankreich, Italien | 2016 | Director: Farnoosh Samadi

30 min | Schweden | 2016 | Director: Peter Modestij

Mamma Vet Bäst
13 min | Schweden | 2016 | Director: Mikael Bundsen

24 min | Niederlande | 2016 | Director: Daan Bol

Key words: dispute, breach of trust, communication, family, peer pressure, school, coming out, divorce, depression, friendship

Schoolsubjects: English, Ethic, Psychology and Philosophy, History and Political Education

Recommended for students from the age of 15 years

Sami Blood - Das Mädchen aus dem Norden

03.12. 15:45 | Drama|SE / DK / NO 2016 110min. Director: Amanda Kernell
Sweedish and South Sami Originalversion with english subtitles

This coming-of-age drama sheds light on an ignored chapter in Swedish history,that of the racist exclusion of the Sami, Scandinavia’s northernmost indigenous people. When 14-year-old Elle-Marja escapes from her boarding school, she faces an identity crisis, ultimately breaking ties with her past and renouncing her origins. (LaB)

Schoolsubjects: Ethic, Psychology and Philosophy, Ethic, History and Political Education

Recommended for students from the age of 14 years

Ouaga Girls

04.12. 15:30 |
Documentary |BF / FR / SE 2017 82min. Director: Theresa Traoré Dahlberg

This slow andpoetic film depicts young women in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, who are training to become car mechanics. In calm, symmetric images the film portrays these strong women with their ambitions, dreams and fears. “Ouaga Girls” is about sisterhood and the struggle for acceptance in a male-dominated environment. (LaB)

Key words: women, education, working environment, future planning, friendship, family

Schoolsubjects: French, History and Political Education, English, Ethic, Psychology and Philosophy,

Recommended for students from the age of 14 years

KulturKontakt Austria promotes the imparting of culture and art in educational context


In cooperation with the municipal department of the city of Vienna, we invite students into Vienna's city hall and present the film THE WAIT, which will be followed by an open discussion with an expert on human rights.

The Wait

06.12. 9:00 City Hall, Lichtenfelsgasse 2, Stiege 8, Raum 319 | OmeU|DK 2016 55min. Director: Emil Langballe

In 2010, Rokhsar and her family fled from Afghanistan to Denmark. There, she goes to school, speaks Danish and plays football, like all her friends. Yet for six years she has been waiting for an asylum permit and is being threatened with deportation, which puts a heavy strain on her life and her mental health. (LaB)

This film is hosted and supported by the Chief Executive Office - European and International Affairs of the City of Vienna