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(Fritz Ofner & Eva Hausberger)

âThey never fail.â The Glock pistol has been fetish- ised in films and the arts, and is a regular topseller intheinternationalarmsmarket.Forthefirsttime, the filmmaking duo Fritz Ofner and Eva Haus- berger tells the story of the rise of the Glock: An Austrian design that became the most sought-af- ter service and murder weapon worldwide. Trac- ing the web of power, money, violence and politics, the film masterfully portrays the dark sides of globalisation and can be viewed as an Austrian tale of willful ignorance. (MJ)

Thursday, 30th of November 2017/ 8pm Gartenbaukino

Repetition: 03th of November 2017/ 20:15 Filmcasino, Tickets kaufen


Fritz Ofner, born 1977 in Friesach, studied journal- ism as well as cultural and social anthropology in Vienna. Extensive travels through Asia, Africa and the Americas led him to documentary film. WEAPON OF CHOICE is the third and final part of his trilogy, which explores the causes and effects of gun violence.

Eva Hausberger, born in 1983 in Judenburg, stud- ied multi-media art in Salzburg and works as a filmmaker, assistant director and sound engineer.

WEAPON OF CHOICE is their first joint film.

Nightline Opening Party


DJ-line, visuals TBA

Thursday, 30th of November 10:30pm Gartenbaukino Parkring 12, 1010 free entry