this human world goes city-hall

In Cooperation with the municipal department of Vienna we invite students into the city hall, to watch the film The Wait and discuss with human rights experts.


Wednesday 06.12 09:00 - 11:00 Rathaus (city-hall)

Free entry.

Emil Langballe, Denmark, 2016
55 min, OmU
Im Rathaus
Lichtenfelsgasse 2 | Stiege 8 | 1.Stock | Raum 319

Afterwards: podium with Shams Asadi and Ruth Schöffl (UNHCR)

the future is ours to see | Youthday 2017

2. Dezember 2017

For our youth day we offer a program of events open to all ages that centers around human rights, civil participation and co-existence


10:30 and 11:00

„Groß und Klein – Wer siegt wer darf was?“ Reading with Margarete Wenzel
WienXtra Kinderinfo

Eintritt frei ab 6 Jahre

(in German)



UNIS „Together – Gemeinsam für mehr Toleranz“

in ZOOM Forum

Free Entry // 9-12 years old

Registration under:

until 30. November


Tours at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00

„dort und da“

Topic: refuge, arrival and coexistence // ZOOM Kindermuseum

Free Entry // 6-12 year olds // for adults € 5.- // Registration under: ZOOM



Come to my Voice (Were dengê min): Hüseyin Karabey, German version
Top Kino Saal 2 - Ticket with workshop € 12 // only film: € 6 // age: from 6 years old

Registration under:



„In Zukunft gemeinsam“ Theatreworkshop


Ticket with film € 12 // only workshop: € 6

Registration under:

Jugend Jury | Youth Jury

For the second time, this human world presents a youth jury, which will select and award one out of seven nominated films from this year's festival programme. Our four young jurors are given the opportunity to discuss human rights related topics, reflect on film as a medium, gain insights from behind the scenes of the festival and document these on various social media channels.

Marisol Schlössinger, Lara Bellon, Lisa Heuschober und Sarah Dürnberger coordinate and support the youth jury in their preparations and within the festival.


Sebastian Berchtold

Sophie Hörlezeder

Reuben Bharucha

Kathi Settele

Selection for this years youth jury award

A Ciambra

Tuesday 05.12. 20:15 Filmcasino

Mabacher – #unbroken

Sunday 03.12. 17:45 Top Kino Saal 1

Ouaga Girls

Saturday 02.12. 15:30 Top Kino Saal 1

school screening: 04.12. 09:00 Top Kino

Sami Blood

Sunday 03.12. 15:45 Schikaneder

school screening: 07.12. 09:00 Top Kino


Tuesday 05.12. 18:00 Schikaneder

69 minutes of 86 days

Monday 04.12. 17:45 Top Kino Saal 1


Friday 08.12. 17:45 Top Kino Saal 1