this human world Film awards

International Jury Prize

This year the jury will select one outstanding film out of eight productions within the international competition, and award a prize honoured with 2,000 Euros.

Austrian Jury Prize

The winning film of this year's Austrian competition will be selected out of eight films and awarded a prize honoured with 2,000 Euros endowed by VdFS.

up and coming Jury Prize

The jury will award one exceptional first or second work of a filmmaker with a theatrical release in an Austrian cinema.

Young Jury Prize

For the first time a young jury is awarding a prize worth 400 Euros to a film production relevant for a younger audience.

exp:Δn:ded shorts Jury Prize

This prize, honoured with 1,000 Euros, was brought into life in 2016 and will be awarded to one outstanding animated or experimental short film running in the competition.

Audience Prize

The audience is given the opportunity to vote for a favorite film. The winning film will be awarded with a prize worth 1,000 Euros. Here the competition is open for all feature films running in the programme.